Vintage Inspired Boudoir Photography Session | Orange County | Chrissy & Shelby…

I recently had a photographer play date with my friends Kathy Rappaport and Robert Alvarado at Kathy’s Flash Frozen Photography studio. We had great makeup and hair styling by Karen and Erin and I brought Chrissy and Shelby along to model for us. There is something amazing about 3 photographers bouncing ideas back and forth and then making them happen. The girls did an amazing job modeling.

I used a little different processing on these images with some new actions from my good friend Andrena ‘Dina’ Douglass who is launching her ColorPop actions today. Photographers be sure to check out her action site for some truly amazing post processing short cuts.

~ by True Blue Photography on January 5, 2012.

3 Responses to “Vintage Inspired Boudoir Photography Session | Orange County | Chrissy & Shelby…”

  1. Thank you so much Tammy!! this expirience made me feel more sexy and feeling like a true East LA Diva!! I love the confidence you give us thick woman. Thick is Beautiful, our beauty shines from inside out!! xoxo, Punky

  2. Awesome!!! That’s the best thing about what I do – seeing women literally strut out of my studio with their heads held high. It’s just the self esteem boost that we all can use. 😀

  3. These photos are stunning… a few thrown in there look like they could have been from the 1920s. Timeless — the ultimate in good photography (in my opinion!) Gorgeous women! 🙂

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