Chrissy & Wendy… Vintage Triumph Motorcycle

Every month I try to do a personal project and this month the theme is Vintage Iron. Thanks to a friend for loaning me his 1971 Triumph Bonneville 650 and my brother for loaning me a killer helmet, jackets and goggles – not to mention the participation of both my friend Wendy and youngest daughter Chrissy – and we have some fun photos in my usually brightly lit studio that are a bit more dramatic. Here are a few from our fun day. 😀

~ by True Blue Photography on July 20, 2011.

One Response to “Chrissy & Wendy… Vintage Triumph Motorcycle”

  1. Ive thought it would be so fun to own a business like this. Women of all shapes, fates and greats need a secure, comfortable place to expieriene the magic and pull the bunny from our hat. Awesome! What made you choose this genre of photography, love to comparing notes. With all the digital devices handy…..just endless possibilities. Would enjoy to hear a short part of your journey up to this point. Classy pics, my girlfriends gonna hear about ya’all.

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