Memoirs of an absentee blogger….

The holiday rush was amazing thanks to all of my fantastic clients. The big annual photographers convention in Tampa Florida was a whirlwind and I’m still in the throes of the Valentine’s rush – again thanks to you all. Blogging unfortunately has taken a second seat to life in general… for the moment. One more big thing in my life at the moment … Michael and I are getting married tomorrow. Yup… tomorrow! 😀

As a wedding photographer myself I thought it would be hard to pick a photographer to document my own engagement session and wedding and it was. Not because I was super picky but because I have so many great friends that are amazing photographers. It made it really hard to pick just one. So ultimately I ended up picking two. John Michael Cooper of alt-f photography did our engagement session in Vegas. He has an amazing talent and off beat vision that I love and his wife Dalisa is one of the sweetest people that I’ve ever met.

For the wedding Amy & JP Prutch from AJS Studio out of Vancouver Washington are flying down to photograph our wedding as well as take some pre-ceremony photos. Amy and JP are not only amazing photographers but they are like the best family you can imagine having only you didn’t get to meet them until you were grown up. To make it even more fun JP will be officiating our ceremony. I’ll be sure to post some photos of the wedding soon.

Since we’re doing a camping honeymoon in a couple of months, I’ll be back at work Monday afternoon and promise to catch up on my blog posts right after St. Valentine’s Day. 😀

A few photos from our e-session with John Michael Cooper.

~ by True Blue Photography on February 8, 2008.

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